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Your Thursday morning abstract | Broading Broad

After defeating Charlotte last night, the Sixers really had to beat the Celtics last night.

Good news. Partially thanks Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler.

Boston led the majority of the match and up to 15 at a time, but Philadelphia came back as he scored the Celtics 33-25 en route to a 118-115 win.

Embiid had a game of high 37 points and 22 rebounds, while Butler scored 22 points, 15 of which finished fourth. Marcus Smart was ejected for a cheap shot.

Overall, the first five were combined for 110 out of a total of 118 points. That's good, but not good. Mike Scott had four points, while James Ennis and Boban Marjanovic each had two points. The bank has to get in for the playoffs very soon.

But at least the Sixers defeated Boston. Thank God. By winning, there are 2.5 games on Indiana for 3rd and 3 games on Boston with 1

1 games to play yet. Saturday night they'll be playing the Hawks in Atlanta.

Finally, give me JoJo:

The Roundup:

After the last two First Four games last night, the first round of the NCAA tournament begins today. Take a look at our full list of NCAA tournament reports, including five potentially annoying selections and the first five Buzzer Beaters.

Villanova, a Philly school, plays St Marys tonight at 7:20 am in Hartford on TBS.

Phil Martelli wants to train again after being sacked by St. Joe:

Martelli was open in his misfortune over how Temple had handled the news of Fran Dunphy's departure last year. He was outraged. I asked him a troubled question: how was St. Joseph's departure from Phil Martelli?

"Well, I have always felt in everything I did at St. Joseph, whether with basketball or with basketball university … what I tried was a partner," said Martelli. He listed all the departments he interacted with, from development to presidency. "I wanted them to feel like a partner with a shared vision. Looking back, I would ask if I am a partner? And was I a good partner? He pointed out that he was on the 54th and City Avenue more than half of his life.

"Handling, I believe you."

There are two possibilities, "Martelli said. "They can choose who they want to train their basketball team. I get it. The numbers over the X years. My followers could say, or I could win two of the past five years, you won the Atlantic 10 … "

" I know, 40 hours later, "Martelli said. "I have the juice. I would like to train again. I will not be scared.

DraftKings and PointsBet have some good deals on this weekend's games.

Andrew McCutchen will be the Phillip's lead candidate on opening day, which will definitely help the Philos' offense.

Former Phillies outfielder Bobby Abreu will be this year's Wall of Fame contender:

The Phillies are also on the cover of Sports Illustrated News, donut burgers are in the Citizens Bank Park.

The airmen are in Chicago to theBlackhawks accept this night at 20:30 at NBC Sports Philadelphia. They want to stay in the playoff race after losing to Montreal.

NHL players love Gritty.

In other sports news, Ichiro will give up after their game against the A-players in Tokyo (which is still considered written)

North Dakota State and Arizona State won their first four games.

John Calipari plans to stay in Kentucky and retire, although UCLA is interested.

In the news, a man was killed in a bar in Germantown raid.

The New Zealand Prime Minister announced a ban on all assault rifles.

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