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Youth video aims at Merkel's party in the run-up to the European elections

BERLIN – Chancellor Angela Merkel has been fighting for years to expand the digital skills of the population and to attract more young people to politics.

Last week, a young, blue-haired German YouTuber known as Rezo showed how disturbing the right combination of digital skill and political commitment to the establishment could be.

In a 55-minute clip with a list of 247 references and quotes from the scholarly literature, he grabbed Mrs. Merkel's government of the Christian Democratic Union for a series of sins: growing social inequality, pollution, war and internet censorship. Since Saturday morning, the YouTube video was viewed more than nine million times, making it Germany's most popular non-musical clip in six days.

The video has led to a fierce quarrel in a country that is just beginning to deal with the overwhelming effect that independent journalists and social media activists may have on public discourse. The clip also became a public relations crisis for the ruling Conservatives, just days before the Germans took part in the elections to the European Parliament on Sunday.

What are the main voices? Said Andreas Dörner, professor of media studies at the Philipps University of Marburg.

"It's both fascinating and frightening," added Professor Dörner.

The video is an online masterclass of social engagement orange hoody and a gray baseball-caped narrator stating to be 26 unfold his attack point for point, apparently while sitting in the background in his study with guitars and keyboards in the background.His true identity and hometown are unclear, but he says he be a YouTube music producer.

The video uses easy-to-view cuts, sound effects, and graphics and uses a lot of English slang in a style appropriate to German youth culture.

"In this video I will show how CDU people lie, how they lack fundamental skills for their work, as they make a policy that E believes contrary to those who appear to be involved in various war crimes, such as using propaganda and lying to the younger generation as a result of their policies. In recent decades, the rich have become richer and the poor and others are losing more and more, "he says at the beginning of the video. "And I'll show that, according to many thousands of German scientists, the CDU is currently destroying our lives and our future."

As the number of views in the video increased, the reactions of politicians whose party was under attack changed from repellent too angry.

On Thursday, Ms. Merkel's party published an open letter to Rezo's main lines of attack, announcing that it had shot its own video in response to the latest MP, Philipp Amthor however, against publication.

"This very public accounting puts the traditional parties on Defcon 3," said Professor Dörner.

Instead, Paul Ziemiak, the chairman of the Young Union, the youth section of the party, called Rezo Twitter for a personal debate on . "We take it very seriously, especially because so many young people like the V see video, "Ziemiak told German reporters.

Since then, other young politicians, including Christian Democrats Jenna Behrends in Berlin and Tiemo Wölken, a member of the Social Democratic Party in the European Parliament, have responded with their own videos. However, none of the answers has aroused the interest that aroused the original video.

The national fascination for the video results from the realization that the structures of the authorities in the state are being improved in real time, said Professor Dörner in an interview. [19659002] German households pay a media fee of almost $ 20 per month directly to public service broadcasters, whether or not they own a television. In return, public service broadcasting is considered the foundation for high quality journalism and rewarding entertainment. However, Germans increasingly source their news and entertainment from non-traditional sources on the Internet.

A recent analysis by the news organization BuzzFeed revealed that out of the 100 most shared social media posts mentioning the European elections in German, 49 came from the populist alternative for Germany and 13 other members of the freedom party, the far-right Austria, whose chairman recently resigned as vice-chancellor, because a video raises questions about relations with Russia. The Christian Democrats, who have governed the country for 13 years and want to win most seats in the European Parliament of a German party, did not even place.

While Rezo's video entitled "The Destruction of the CDU" attacks the party directly, he does not shy away from criticizing the Social Democrats, who have been in the governing coalition for nine years in the last 13 years. And at some point he calls alternative for German members Nazis.

Since the clip addresses young people who have not voted in the past, its implications in the latest opinion polls, in which the Christian Union (composed) was composed, were not obvious from Ms Merkel's Christian Democrats and their Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union, the German parties continue to lead with around 27 percent of the vote.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a conservative daily, published an Op article on Rezo under the heading "Everyone likes" an indictment of shame. "Dozens of other articles have either criticized and praised the Videoblogger, and some have analyzed its arguments individually, as did the American news media Presidential Candidates fact-checking allegations."

During the following storm, Rezo remained silent.Then, on Friday, he and 90 other YouTubers have – many with major supporters in Germany – released a video requesting viewers to go out and vote but not for the Christian Democrats or the Social Democrats.

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