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Zags & # 39; Perkins rues & # 39; Bonehead & # 39; belated

ANAHEIM, California – Gonzaga's Guard Josh Perkins said he would never forget his belated technical foul in the 75-69 loss to Texas Tech in elite eight on Saturday night.

Gonzaga lost 71-69 in the Honda Center with 11 seconds when Perkins hit the baseline and hit the ball from Red Moeers guard Matt Mooney, who tried an inbounds pass.

Perkins violated NCAA Rule 7, Section 6, Article 9b, which states, "No opponent of the thrower may have any part of his person above the inner level of the boundary line."

Total Seasonal Rank
Points * 69 T-3rd worst
points per Poss. * 0.93 Second worst
* Led DI came on Saturday

Davide Moretti made both free throws after Perkins had received a technical foul.

Texas Tech Retains the Ball and Red Raiders Overseer Jarrett Culver made both free throws after Jeremy Jones fouled him and extended the Red Raiders lead to 75:69.

"He faked a lot with the ball," Perkins said about Mooney's throw-in. "I thought he was going to fake right in front of me, and I guess I instinctively did it … Play Bonehead. [It̵

7;s] Something I'll think about forever, unfortunately that happened."

Mark Few, however, focused on the positives of Perkins and his contributions to the program on his successful career.

"I mean, we can write a book about Perk and Perk and me, but listen: The growth that has been made during the Seine five years in our program and every facet of his life is a little bit what coaching and coaching is all about College basketball goes, "said the Gonzaga coach after the game. "He's a much riper player, now a much better player, and we were an incredible program and had an incredible run with him at the helm."

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