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Zero's SF / R electric motorcycle is quicker and now more connected

Zero has been building electric motorcycles for 13 years. In the past few years, the company has had a predictable roadmap. Every 12 months it would upgrade the engines and extend its line up. But the SF / R is something different and more than just its design.

Riding in the mountains above Santa Cruz, California. You twist the accelerator and it responds with the expected torque of an electric motor, but the system has been polished. It does not take the experience of riding an electric bike. If anything makes it better.

That has to do with Zero's Cypher III operating system and Bosch's Motorcycle Stability Control. But it's more than just acceleration, it controls how the bike reacts to different road surfaces and riding styles. It's taken to another level. The motorcycle maker even added a rain mode to the bike. A first for its lineup and a welcome sight for anyone that rides daily and has to deal with precipitation.

What does it mean? This is the second time you ride a Zero motorcycle. The SR / F has 1

40-foot-pounds of torque and 110 horsepower. So when you twist that grip, you're moving fast. Very fast.

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<p> After a few hours on the SR / F, I was ready for more riding and so what the bike. The motorcycle has a distance of 161 miles and 99 miles. Throw on the optional Power Pack and Zero says the bike will go up to 200 miles between charges. The SR / F is the first Zero to come with a Level 2 charger standard. You know, the kid you find in electric cars. It will support charging up to 3kW standard and 6kW if you pony up for the premium model that includes heated grips, aluminum bar ends and a fly screen starting at $ 20,995. </p>
<p> Regardless of which model you ride, the bike comes with the new color 5-inch TFT LCD display. It's easier to read than the monochrome display on its other bikes and even in bright sunlight and with polarized sunglasses on it. In addition to looking better, the bike also has a wireless connection (free for the first two years). </p>
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Then we come to the design and frankly, it's a looker. The design team wanted to highlight that it was an electric motorcycle go ing as far as accenting the engine. It's a "naked" bike that will be next to Ducati's and Aprillas.

The SR / F looks great and rides even better. With that, the argument for electric bikes just got stronger. It's a more refined motorcycle from a company that continues to impress with its offerings. I'm on it, I can get a bit more aggressive.

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