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15 years jail for pupil rape teacher

A TEACHER at Bulawayo High School has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a 12-year-old pupil.

Shadreck Kantsholo (47) from Pumula South suburb raped the minor at her home.

Kantsholo was sentenced to jailed for a couple of weeks before he was arrested by Western Commonage Magistrate Ms Sibongile Marondedze.

Kantsholo was sentenced to 15 years in prison similar disclosure within the next three years.

Kantsholo said: "I'm so shocked that I'm being charged with rape of all things imaginable!" I never raped the girl; I just went to their home to teach English. " For the State, Ms. Samantha Gubede said the crime was committed on September 22 at around 1


"The complainant's parents had gone to church, while at English Lesson, the accused person went behind the minor, stretched his arms and fondled her breasts and pressed against a table," she said.

The court heard that he undressed and ordered the minor to take off her clothes. He raped but stopped after noticing that the door was open.

Ms. Gubede said when the teacher was rapping again, the minor bolted through the front door and alerted neighbors who came to rescue her.

The minor was referred to Mpilo Central Hospital for examination. [Compliantant's father]

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