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BT Launches Halo Plans to Provide Converged 5G and Fixed Broadband

BT has merged its "Halo" and "No Limits" mobile plans to combine the performance of 5G mobile and landline home broadband networks (FTTC, FTTP, G.fast). This will help the telecommunications provider's subscribers to take advantage of convergence.

Existing 5G customers with BT Plus plans are automatically updated to benefit from Halo.

BT Plus is a premium package that adds the complete Wi of the operator -Fi Guarantee, a dedicated customer support in the UK and Ireland, and "Keep Connected Promise" ̵

1; a service where a customer gets a mini 4G hub with unlimited data gets if its broadband connection fails.

The full WLAN warranty will soon become the standard for all categories.

Recently, BT, Belfast Harbor, and mixed-reality allies Ubimax and VRtuoso have launched an initiative to demonstrate the tangible benefits of 5G alongside Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Together, the partners demonstrated two applications that are currently being explored by the most important sea hub as part of its vision of an intelligent port.

The first demonstration featured a member of Belfast Harbor's surgical team wearing an AR headset connected to a 5G device. Inspection of a crane and step-by-step instructions for maintenance and remote maintenance via an application server in the cloud. And the second demonstration showed a 5G experience that shows how the technology enables geographically dispersed participants to retrieve VR content from the cloud.

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