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NPRC Develops Peace Promise – NewsDay Zimbabwe

NPRC leader, retired Justice Minister Selo Masole Nare, said the peace pledge was a preventative and peace-building mechanism to ensure that political parties maintain a peaceful electoral environment.

He said that this was not compulsory for political parties, but it is advisable to sign it to protect its followers from a repeat of the violence in the past.

"Peaceful elections are a key element of long-term peace and development in the country, and the NPRC plays a key role" Nare said:

"The Commission plans to bring together political leaders who argue in the elections to a public one Commit to peace by signing a peace pledge that will be a demonstration of the political He said: "The signing of the pledge will be a demonstration of the engagement of political parties for the peaceful resolution of potential disputes before, during and after elections ,

"To this end, the NPRC has developed an integrated electoral strategy to build on. It lays the foundations of the Commission's constitutional mandate and commits itself to harnessing the expertise, expertise and experience of ongoing peace-building initiatives, and working together for the To mobilize peace during this legislature, "he said.

Nare said the peace pledge was in recognition of the fact that in the past the country was marked by conflict situations during the election ̵

1; limiting the prospects of credible and legitimate transitions.

He said the Code of Conduct will play an important role in setting the tone for a peaceful environment for the upcoming referendum.

"It will establish key principles that the political actors, their support He and other stakeholders should adhere to," he said.

The NPRC leader said most political actors have already committed to signing the peace pledge.

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