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Ubisoft Announces Fourth Year of Rainbow Six Victories

Operation: Burnt Horizon Starts the Fourth Year of Rainbow Six Victories and Ubisoft intends to increase post-launch support and further expand the game.

The first and perhaps most fundamental change is to divide the development team into dedicated cells that take on every significant part of the game: events, balance, maps, and operators. This includes a team that focuses on player behavior and toxicity to make sure the game is as comfortable as balanced. An upcoming feature will penalize players who intercept their team with friendly shots by reflecting that damage.

Fans of victories can expect the same number of eight new operators per season, but this will be the case of stronger focus on maps. For the fourth year a new map and three revisions were announced. The revisions will visually revise old environments and optimize gameplay, such as: For example, adding coverage to some places and creating new paths or choke points.

Ubisoft noted that they must consider both new players at this time in the game's lifetime coming to victories for the first time and players who have lost time since their launch in 201

5. This means that there are changes to queues and player sorting that help new players get on board while retaining veteran competitive experience. 19659006] The team will also put more emphasis on events. Earlier events were a way to introduce light-hearted issues and time-limited challenges into the world of Rainbow Six, but they also served as a testing ground for ideas such as Rainbow Six's Left 4 Dead style campaign. Upcoming events will focus on this element, with new mechanics and twists, and Ubisoft can see how these new features or mechanics work in the community.

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