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Zimbabwe's businessmen must actively think about it for the parliament

Businessmen in Zimbabwe must actively consider running for parliament, said a former United Nations Secretary-General, adding that it would be the only way to influence public policy, as they blatantly disagree with the economy express.

Yumkella, a presidential candidate in Sierra Leone, said the republic's legislative power is anchored in parliament and needs smart businesspeople to legislate and adopt solid laws, to thoroughly discuss issues, and the actions of the Executive ,

He told delegates to the Africa Sustaintable, held in Africa Falls, that Zimbabwe needs business people in Parliament to support it in all kinds of innovation, to increase productivity, to master the challenges of globalization and within its environment life and demographic borders.

He spoke after the Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, complained that Zimbabwe was not sending the right people to parliament with most elected representatives "shallow."

Mudenda told business executives that he had sent some MPs to training NGOs to help them appreciate Money Bills, but was baffled in the ensuing session when they did not answer the state budget.

After a budget has been presented to the National Assembly, two bills have to be passed by the Parliament: an imputation law that gives effect to the estimates of expenditure, and a financial law that provides a legal basis for revenue changes such as taxes and tariffs under this year's State budget, and this must be checked by highly entrepreneurial employees.

"It really is a cause for concern," Mudenda told the managing directors. However, this parliament also had highly skilled and intellectual people, but their talent was completely wasted on the 9th Assembly due to the endless agitation, ego and plague of the latecomers becomes. [1

9659002] Yumkella said a parliament-populated parliament could easily set up the government by asking tough questions and even discussions on various topics in Question and Answer Hour.

"Get up and be counted," he told the CEOs.

"Someone asked for more politicians, right, in Parliament, please go to Parliament, let us have more businessmen in Parliament, you can be in Parliament and run your business, do not worry, I do not know any here, You can also be a consultant, you can continue your practice.

"If you do not have the right people in parliament, the government will behave badly. Parliament will become an extension of the executive branch, "said the former UN Energy Chief,

.This is the view that critics believe that the 9th parliament is plagued by nonsense agitation and fails to address issues coherent to discuss, with some MEPs only interested in causing chaos 19659002] Yumkella said that people need to understand that Parliament is for them and that it is a critical place where the laws that govern welfare are issued Citizens are therefore expected to send the most suitable candidates as their representatives.

However, what actually happens in the Zimbabwean parliament is very depressing, say the critics.

Most political parties and their candidates lack ideologies, some of which do not seem to know what they stand for an overwhelming majority goal for both power and money.

Yumkella said that caste, tribalism and regionalism are not likely to play a significant role in citizen voting, but substance.

Mostly The suitability and quality of the candidate is not capitalized. Many voters fall for the charisma of a particular leader and vote for a candidate just because he comes from the party of their favorite leader.

Another important factor is that the choice of people is limited, therefore, the exhortation of Yumkella to attract more businessmen

Independent candidates are very few.

Frequently, this selection of representatives by political parties is not based on merit.

And the public has no choice here, Yumkella said.

Voters must select someone from the candidate list selected by the parties. Critics say that many fools and other undesirable elements such as rapists and criminals are elected to parliament.

Abuses such as bribing voters and promising false promises deceive voters too.

For these reasons, Zimbabwe eventually sends fake people to parliament.

And the quality of lawmakers has waned over the years, Mudenda said.

This is clear from recent events in Parliament.

The only peaceful time is when they have to raise their own salaries or raise new cars.

Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, former chairman of UN Energy and former United Nations Director-General for Industrial Development (Unido), the Zimbabwean Parliament needs highly skilled and intellectual business people to lead the strategic vision for the country's recovery.

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