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Zimbabwe's Educate works with the British company SympliFi

Educate, a Zimbabwean enterprise for access to education and human improvement, has teamed up with British fintech company SympliFi to give UK-based Zimbabweans the opportunity to educate their relatives at home to invest.

Educate provides easy-to-access and affordable financing solutions that allow students to visit one of 53 educational partner institutions in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Zambia and South Africa.

Faced with the challenges Zimbabweans face in raising finance, especially in the current economic conditions. Educate works with SympliFi to enable Zimbabweans in the UK to act as guarantors of educational loans. With the digital service from SympliFi, the Diaspora can complete the guarantee process in just a few minutes on their phone or computer. and above all, it is a free service for the guarantor.

The service will initially benefit Zimbabwe's children, who will be visiting one of Educate's educational partners from August.

"We are always looking for more opportunities To improve people's lives, our partnership with SympliFi will help improve access to quality education for Zimbabweans," said Terrence Mugova, co-founder and CEO of Educate. "We are so excited that we no longer have to turn potential customers aside and now help a larger segment of the population without barriers or boundaries."

"We are delighted to enter the Zimbabwean market with Educate and to support their important mission to improve access to education, and we believe the Diaspora seeks to find new and innovative ways to strengthen their loved ones at home and support in the country We believe that education is an integral part of this support, "said Maurice Iwunze, co-founder of SympliFi.

To apply for school funding or to learn more about Educate's products, contact Educate at Tel.: +263 (292)) 250 797, WhatsApp: +263 71

826 7552/3, E- Mail educateloans@educate.co.zw, and visit the website at www.educate.co.zw. More information about SympliFi can be found at www.simplifi.co.uk.

About Educate

Educate is a Zimbabwean company dedicated to accessing education and improving employees. The company offers loan products to Zimbabwean residents to improve access to resources that will enable them to succeed, such as school loans, office loans, managed school plans, tuition loans, school improvement loans, and personal improvement loans. The company also offers services aimed at improving the psychological development of learners and school staff, ie personality tests, beyond successful discussions, financial safety training, the challenge of the good, emerging ideas beat nights and nourish the city. The company is headquartered in Bulawayo and has a branch in Harare.

About SympliFi

SympliFi is a financial technology company that empowers diaspora worldwide to change the lives of people in their homeland. The SympliFi technology platform eliminates traditional boundaries to provide diaspora-enabled financial solutions that directly improve the long-term financial well-being of their loved ones at home and in their country in general. The company is headquartered in London and operates in Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Tanzania.

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