The stars of "Rough Night" decide who can best hide a corpse from among them.

Zoe Kravitz's new, nude Rolling Stone cover has a surprisingly poignant backstory.

On the cover of the November issue of the magazine, Kravitz produced the Rolling Stone photo shoot of her mother Lisa Bonet in the May 1988 issue. Bonet was in her second month pregnant at that time – when she was with Zoe on December 1, 1988 Father Lenny Kravitz welcomed into the world – so the magazine ran a photo of her with a white button-down on the cover of the issue and rescued her act inside pages

"I think she was a bit nervous when she got to used the shirt image as cover, "Kravitz told Rolling Stone. "I think she just thought, 'I'll do it, let's do it!'"

Kravitz says she has shown her preference for using her own nude photo for the cover of the magazine to honor her mother's original wishes. "It's less about the picture and more about doing what my mother was up to," she said. "That feels cool."

Kravitz shared her cover next to her mother's two photos on Instagram on Sunday "Life Imitates Art."

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