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Zombie Army 4 becomes an exclusive Epic Games Store because Epic pays "through the nose"

"We take some of your money, thank you."

After Rebellion had called a "bloody reason" for the exclusion of an epic games store by Zombie Army 4, it looks as if the latest edition of the undead Hitler killer simulator will actually be available exclusively in the Epic Games Store. While we're probably all thinking about it anyway, the reason for that decision is the money. According to Rebellion, Epic pays "through the nose" to bring exclusive games to his platform.

In an interview at the Develop: Brighton conference this week, co-founders Jason and Chris Kingsley talked about what prompted their reversal of the Zombie Army 4's closure . Both admitted that it was "embarrassing" to give the previous interview, but were willing to admit that ultimately the choice was due to the almighty dollar. "In general, I would prefer not to do exclusive deals, but I understand Epic's position with it, and honestly, they're paying to buy their business," Jason said. "Thank you all, it's fantastic, and we'll take some of your money, thank you."

Jason notes that the exclusivity business was part of an "attractive package" that brought Epic to rebellion. "Sometimes, as an independent developer, you have to take your risk," he said. "If such a thing is offered … you share the risk and the reward." What really sold it for Rebellion was how much Epic seemed to support the game. "Obviously they count our new title Zombie Army 4 as a big title, which is great, it's a really nice bonus for us."

So while it sucks Zombie Army 4 will have only one home on the PC, I can not fault Rebellion here. The studio is relatively small and creates niche titles that are not gangbusters. If Epic wants to throw in a lot of money, why not accept the offer? If nothing else, it will eventually lead to Rebellion developing bigger and better games, which is ultimately a win for all. Jason Kingsley: Epic Pays "Through the Nose" to Build His Store]

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